Ken and Kenneth, better known as the "Suit You" tailors, are fictional characters played by Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams in the BBC comedy show "The Fast Show".

The tailors feature in just about all of the episodes of the show. Ken (Whitehouse) is the more prominent and always the first to introduce himself to the customer. He regularly claims to be "radiant". Kenneth (Williams) will then appear, usually out of nowhere, and the two begin to make innuendo-laden or outright obscene suggestions or quips about the customer, forcing him to leave the shop.

Ken and Kenneth, portrayed by Whitehouse and Williams

The tailors have also featured outside the shop, once sitting at the bottom of a model catwalk, on another occasion as part-time waiters, and in the Christmas Special they were carol singers.

Johnny Depp appeared in "The Last Fast Show Ever", where he joined in with the innuendo. In the last of their sketches, the tables are turned when the customer reveals he is gay. Kenneth, from offscreen, shouts "I'm not coming out!", while Ken, in front of the man with a shocked face, says "I'm not coming out either!"

This sketch is much like the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch "Nudge Nudge", which features Eric Idle and Terry Jones. In the Monty Python sketch, Eric Idle's character is pummeling the innocent character of Terry Jones with sexual innuendo, like the tailors. It is also reminiscent of Julian and Sandy from the British radio comedy Round the Horne, which featured the comedian Kenneth Williams.

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