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The Doctor sketch first appeared in the second episode of season one he is giving a man (Mr Hunter) a clean bill of health and say he is fit then mt hunter say ge has been worried about his health but he is led to a false sence of security as rge doctor is joking then he says i will give you a month 6 weeks top and the doctor say rher in nothing we can do really (implying he is dying) so the man says why did he say he was fine so the doctor say he wanted to coushion the blow then Mr hunter sits down in shock then the doctor starts joking then the doctors says he is better shape then he is then the man said thats not funny you now then the doctor apologizes then the man says he will see the doctor in a month then the doctors starts joking then the mangs angry then he starts joking again and tels him to go then he starts joking then the man says what is it in a grom voice the doctort says ita cancer then the man clutnes his chesyt ie he has a heart attack